Boca Raton, Florida Group Life Insurance

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Boca Raton, Florida Group Life Insurance

Florida group life insurance is usually offered as part of an employer's benefit package.

Policies are not based on an individual's lifestyle habits or health factors, as all employees are grouped together and rates are based on the risk of the group as a whole.

Premiums are usually much less than if an employee purchased an individual policy on their own.

Group Life Insurance Options in Boca Raton, Florida

Group life insurance offered by Prism Insurance Advisors, LLC can be purchased as term or permanent life insurance.

Term life insurance is the most common and cost effective, and it remains in force until the specific term of coverage expires.

Employees may have the option of converting their group life insurance policy to an individual policy if they leave employment, depending on the carrier and policy details.

As a employer, you are aware of the importance of a good comprehensive benefit package and its contribution to your business success.

Prism Insurance Advisors, LLC can gather the information needed about your business and your employees to find the best group life coverage for your employees.